Company registration
Registration stages
A meeting consultation
Discussion of the registration process
MDL 700

LLC registration
Selection of activities of LLC types of services that will be provided, types of goods that will be sold or produced

Submitting applications to the registration agency Registration with the tax office and in the department of statistics social and medical funds Making a seal

The opening of a bank account and the production of an electronic signature is carried out independently by the founder of a new LLC, under our supervision, since presence is required

MDL 3500

About our mission in this process

We are ready to help you, if you are interested in a quality business organization from the very beginning.
All expenses that will need to be paid to the registration authorities when opening a bank account are calculated additionally, according to the prices of the respective institutions.
We accompany you throughout the entire registration stage. We fully undertake operations that can be done without your presence, in other cases we provide a detailed route of action

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